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Capital &
Financial Strategy for bold founders

About Us


Our Story

Over the past 10 years, we have had the privilege of accelerating dozens of entrepreneurs, whether as CFO, COO, consultants, or investors, both in the national and international contexts, catalyzing numerous success stories and over R$500 Mi (U$100M) in fundraising and exits.


This experience has allowed us to test different management methodologies, resulting in a unique approach to structuring and accelerating startups that balances speed, profitability, and risk.

Our unique approach
Our Vision

We are pioneers in the concept of "Strategy as a Service", a solution developed to unlock the potential of our clients by providing support in creating winning business strategies, specially regarding M&A, Fundraising, Debt and Capital Optimization.

Our role is to anticipate scenarios, provide strategic insights, generate specialized analyses, and propose alternative solutions, enabling businesses to maximize their financial efficiency and founders to drive their growth journey with confidence.

Our vision is to provide an integrated capital optimization solution that aims to shorten the path between the creation of an innovative business and the capture of the value generated by its solution.


Strategy Map

Solution focused on our clients’ Unique Value Proposition - Kaptalize helps identify core hypotheses, define strategic priorities, analyze the competitive landscape, and track trends, offering a clear vision to guide effective strategic decisions.

Operating Plan

Our Operating Plan combines business model review, financial resource allocation (Fin-Ops) plan, definition of core assumptions, scenario analysis and financial simulations in order to optimize operational efficiency and financial performance for our clients.

What We Offer

Company Building

Kaptalize provides support in team structuring, defining roles and responsibilities, and implementing governance processes to help businesses grow and develop efficiently and strategically.

Performance Tracking

Connected to our Operating Plan deliverable, this solution includes reviewing assumptions and adjusting priorities, KPI review, benchmark comparison, and implementing corrective actions and course adjustments to optimize our clients' performance and success.

   Investment Solutions

Kaptalize is equipped to cover the entire investment cycle, including valuation, thesis and value levers, landscape mapping, stakeholder identification, active opportunity scouting, and terms and conditions negotiation to maximize returns and opportunities for our clients.



Our Team

Kaptalize offers a multidisciplinary team with combined experience across various industries, delivering maximum value to our clients.

Investment Platform

Our Investment Platform connects an exclusive network of investors with highly vetted startups, providing access to deals, performance tracking, and expert analysis from our team.

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